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What is field verification and why is it so important?

Field verification (measuring) is the process of verifying the existing (as-built) conditions and documenting these actual conditions of any given structure, facility, building or residence. Many individuals / companies underestimate the vital importance of accurate, complete and usable as-built drawings. A good example of this is that because of the tedious nature of the process many firms or companies will send their entry-level colleagues to the measurement site armed only with a tape measure, clip-board, pencil and limited knowledge of proper data collecting techniques. Or conversely, will be forced to send their over-qualified designers and/or associates to collect the data, consequently sacrificing proper utilization of their more gifted talents like design, project coordination and working (construction) drawing production as a result. Either of these scenarios can result in additional follow-up visits to the site, project delays, errors during design, working drawing or construction phases and many other frustrating / costly events.

The TDS Guaranteed Solution….

Allow our team of architecturally degreed / trained professionals at TDS provide you with any/all of your field verification and as-built CAD/BIM documentation. Field verification can include as-built floor plans, exterior / interior elevations, building sections, ceiling plans, electrical / mechanical plans, flooring / finish plans, roof plans and much more. We curtail our service approach and fees around your specific needs on an individual project basis. In addition to the final as-built CAD Drawings and/or BIM/Revit Models furnished to you utilizing your office CAD/BIM standards, AIA Layering or TDS standards and guidelines; whichever is more convenient and cost productive for you and your staff.

(Click Here) for examples of recently completed field verification / as-built projects

In addition, with our “Mobile Office Capabilities” there are no restrictions on size, location, occupancy levels of the building, facilities or interior spaces our specialist’s document. This allows for, in most cases (restrictions apply), actual “on-site drafting” which reduces or eliminates follow-up site visits, scheduling issues and most of all higher costs. These teams of specialists are also equipped with years of experience, Bluetooth enabled laser measurement devices, advanced laptop / tablet computers and the latest CAD/BIM field surveying software available. Quite simply, this capability combined with our aggressively short lead-times and remarkable turnarounds make our field verification (measuring) and as-built CAD services the most cost effective, accurate and reliable today….. Guaranteed.

Useful Applications Include:

  • Residential – single & multi family dwelling
  • Hospitality – hotel, restaurant & resort
  • Institutional – university, religious, military base
  • Medical – hospital, medical offices or medical center
  • Industrial – factory, warehouse or storage facilities
  • Commercial – low, medium & high rise structures
  • Historic – residential, museum or landmark
  • Municipal – city & government facilities or community centers
  • Retail – mall, store front & specialty shops
  • Interiors – floor plans, space-planning & square footages

Pricing and Service Proposal / Quote?

Click on the “As-built Request Form” link below to download a short .PDF questionnaire form or call toll-free (855.215.2626) in order to receive an as-built verification service proposal submitted within 24hrs on your project. Don’t need an as-built quote? Click here to visit our Download Page for additional forms and helpful downloadable items. Projects can be quoted hourly, not-to-exceed, by square footage or other. Please specify and we will be happy to accommodate.

As-built Request Form (PDF – Download)