• CAD/BIM Conversion

Tired of fumbling through old, inaccurate and often times incomplete sets / rolls of drawings or blueprints?

TDS has the answer you have been looking for with CAD/BIM Conversion (or straight copy – BIMup) processing. This is the process of “manually” redrawing existing drawings or blueprints into the latest version of AutoCAD. Let us remind you that this is not a scanning process that leaves you un-editable or modifiable images of your drawings, but creates a usable and industry compatible CAD/BIM file for future modification and/or use.

If you currently have rolls of drawings sitting around your office / facility or need some quick backgrounds generated for a project, then this is the cost effective option to better utilize your drawings. In addition, the final drawings you receive from our architecturally trained CAD specialist are guaranteed to be as accurate as the originals and can be drawn to your office CAD/BIM standards and specifications. The fact that these old drawings can be lost, damaged, misplaced and a pain to work with is reason enough to call for a free analysis of your current documentation needs.

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