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“Yes… There is a significant difference between basic (schematic) as-built documentation and that of a complete set of true Architectural As-built Record Documents / Models”. We at TDS know this, so do our clients and feel you should be given the opportunity to experience it as well….” B. Giraud, President

At the very core of TDS is our passion and love for the architectural / design field (commercial & residential) and this is most evident in our unwavering commitment to providing TRUE Architectural Quality, affordable and most importantly accurate as-built documents, CAD drawings & BIM/Revit Models to our primary client base of Architects and their firms nationally. Now with offices in Detroit, Chicago and satellite locations in New York, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angelas, Atlanta, and Phoenix. This structured and calculated growth enables us to provide additional flexibility, cost savings and focus to our clients’ projects and future endeavors.

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