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Highlights surrounding this amazing technology….

TDS is now offering state-of-the-art 3D point cloud data collection and high definition scanning (HDS) for even
more accurate / detailed as-built deliverables for our clients. Our firm has recently acquired a new start-art-of-art 3D laser measuring device that has just recently been introduced to the AEC industry. It is a truly useful and state-of-the-art tool for gathering detailed information on historically relevant and highly detailed projects.

What does this mean for our clients? As-built (record drawings) documents can now include 3D point cloud deliverables and/or the combination of laser scanning / CAD conversion process which produces 2D-3D interior / exterior elevations of any space and/or building facade. Thus, capturing the finest architectural detail in a true-to-scale CAD format combined with utilization of your in-house (or AIA) office CAD standards / guidelines make this process seamlessly cost effective and accurate. This full color 3D point cloud data image can then be inserted directly into CAD programs. Allowing for what looks like a full scale color 3D model of any interior / exterior space and for use, manipulation and scaling of geometry be the user. In addition to allowing for the user to insert standard 3D/2D blocks or line geometry within CAD on top of this point cloud cluster for a panoramic full scale / color design presentation or virtual walk-thru. It is an extremely useful and unique tool that we feel could really benefit our Architectural / Interior Design clients and their projects.

Plus, through our on-going relationship with FARO Technologies and other consultants; this 3D point cloud data can now be used to generate BIM / Revit models and as-built conditions within these new AEC software platforms being used by many firms. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the future of the AEC industry and TDS is in the forefront in bringing this technology to our clients.

Such services have been provided on Historically Registered, Landmark Designated, and finely detailed projects from around the United States. Click here to see examples or call for more specifc details….

3D Laser Scanning of Historical Buildings….

Click on the image to the right in order to view a 3D virtual fly-over of the a historical cathedral demonstrating a
quick illustration of what our clients can expect from implementing this new technology in the data collection process. Upon viewing this brief movie demonstration, take note of the schematic 3D CAD blocks that have been inserted into (over) the existing point cloud image which allows for rather easy manipulation and modification for space planning and design feasible studies. This is in addition to the architecturally trained staff at TDS developing 2D as-built plans, elevations and sections from the very same scanned data for use in design development and construction drawing production.

Keep in mind that more detailed blocks, images, materials and CAD geometry can be added by the user than the ones displayed in this presentation. These were simply chosen for demonstration purposes and ease of viewing.