Heathman Hotel
High definition 3D laser verification and as-built 3D BIM/Revit model of this
historical hotel.
Portland, Oregon

Roosevelt University / Historical Theatre & Fine Arts Bldg.
Laser verification, floor levelness / elevation studies & 3D color scanning portions of these
historical buildings in downtown Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois

Wolcott Apartment Building
Laser field verification / as-built floor plans, exterior elevations & roof plan
completed for entire building.
Chicago, Illinois

Union of Operating Engineers Building
Laser field verification & as-built floor plans completed for entire building
Chicago, Illinois

Elyria High School Buildings
3D laser scan & full as-built documentation of historical buildings. Scope of
work included floor pans, ceiling plans, detailed exterior elevations, building
sections & roof plan.
Elyria, Ohio

Fort Shelby Hotel Building
22-story historical hotel building design by renowned Architect Albert Kahn.
Scope of work included documenting all floor plans with sub levels, detailed
exterior elevations, building sections, structural plans, floor levelness
calculations, roof plans and window opening schedules.
Detroit, Michigan

The Chicago Defender Building
Landmark historical building on Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel
14-story historical hotel building at Canal / Bourbon St.
New Orleans, Louisiana

Chicago Althletic Association
18-story historical building
Chicago, Illinois

The Sax Hotel
Recently renovated hotel downtown
Chicago, Illinois

The Container Stores
Store locations nationally

The Gem Theatre
Detroit, Michigan

The Penncom Plaza Building
17-story office building – Manhattan
New York, NY

The CityWalk Building
16-story office building – Downtown
Dallas, Texas

The Art/NY Theatre
New York, NY

The Metropolitan Bank & Trust
Chicago, Illinois

The Ehrlich Residence
Bronx, New York

30+ Henry Ford Health Care Facilities
Throughout Michigan

The Central Park, Lyndale, Palmer & Avers Apartment Bldgs.
Chicago, Illinois

The Frager Residence
Boca Raton, Florida

Elmhurst Bank Building
Elmhurst, Illinois

Butzel Memorial Building
Detroit, Michigan

The Iselin Residence
Bronx, New York

Mt. Olive Church
Detroit, Michigan

Layncrest Lanes
Cincinnati, Ohio

Quicken Loans Offices
Novi, Michigan

The Palms Building
Detroit, Michigan

Wayne County Clerks Offices
Detroit, Michigan

National City Banks
Throughout Michigan

Cadillac Towers – Suites
Detroit, Michigan

Cadillic Place – Suites
Detroit, Michigan

NHA Hamtramck Academy – Educational
Hamtramck, Michigan